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General objective of the INNOMET II project is further development and realisation of the unified and integrated basis (based on the test-version of the INNOMET system) for the comparable workforce performance evaluation in engineering industry in terms of local and European needs.

The main goal of the project is to further develop the existing INNOMET system as a functioning tool to ensure qualified labour force for enterprises in the machinery, metal engineering and apparatus sector in terms of local and European needs. The primary objective is to increase the responsiveness of education institutions to business demands and to improve the access of vocational and higher educated specialists into labour market.

The specific aims of the follow-up project INNOMET II are the following:
- to develop a specific methodology how to evaluate and measure qualifications and skills in the frame of the INNOMET system - focusing on the qualifications and skills levels in human resources of the companies of the sector and on the other hand qualifications need to be defined and evaluated in terms of educational programmes and re-training courses – what kind of skills and qualifications each courses give. The key is to combine it in the INNOMET information system (linkable database with search engines). Specific comparative analysis will be also carried out (by the Italian partner – IAL Piemonte) to compare the proposed evaluation methodology with the existing best practices of human resources evaluation in Southern European area (France and Italy).
- to develop the ontology of terms and definitions of INNOMET, including the glossary of key words of the INNOMET system in order to compare skills and qualifications. The aim is to develop a common and trans-nationally wide European understanding and definitions of the terms used (especially skills and qualifications) in the INNOMET system in 6 countries of the project consortium.
- the core objective and aim of the project is the further development and realisation of the INNOMET system - from test version to the dynamic working system - among the network partners in all partner areas by 2007 – Estonia, Sweden (Stockholm area), Hungary (Budapest area) and Italy (Piemonte area) and to valorise the system in new partner areas, such as Portugal and Latvia.
- To provide further recommendations on the knowledge structure of the qualified labour force presented to higher and vocational education institution and to develop sample re-training courses in the field of mechanical engineering based on INNOMET system outputs.
- To further develop social dialogue concerning existing vocational and higher education of the sector – through the development of the INNOMET information system, common working groups, one national seminar in each partner country and one trans-national seminar taking place (in Estonia).
- To further develop INNOMET system, and the Internet site in the languages of project partners – EST, ENG, SWE, IT, HUN and the new partner languages of Latvian and Portuguese. The structure and elements of the INNOMET system are developed in cooperation; however each partner is responsible for further development and implementation of INNOMET system and database in their region.

With the INNOMET as a transparent and integrated system it is possible to compare and value skills and qualifications both in the industry and in education programmes (outcomes of learning) in all different level and therefore enable transfer of competencies among countries, regions and also among sectors in the longer term.