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First meeting of the INNOMET II follow-up project in Riga on the 13-14th of October 2005

On the 13-14th of October the first international meeting of the INNOMET II follow-up project took place in Riga, in Latvia.

INNOMET II: Integrated human resources development and monitoring system for adding innovation capacity of labour force and entrepreneurs of the metal engineering, machinery and apparatus sector is funded by EC Leonardo da Vinci II Programme.

General objective of the INNOMET II project is further development and realisation of the unified and integrated basis (based on the test-version of the INNOMET system) for the comparable workforce performance evaluation in engineering industry in terms of local and European needs.
Main goal of the project is to further develop the existing INNOMET system (currently test-version – as a functioning tool to ensure qualified labour force for enterprises in the machinery, metal engineering and apparatus sector in terms of local and European needs.
The primary objective is to increase the responsiveness of education institutions to business demands and to improve the access of vocational and higher educated specialists into labour market. The system supports for entrepreneurs readiness for innovative rapid manufacturing through monitoring and prediction of needed human resources development.

With the INNOMET as a transparent and integrated system it is possible to compare and value skills and qualifications both in the industry and in education programmes (outcomes of learning) in all different level and therefore enable transfer of competencies among countries, regions and also among sectors in the longer term.

The project is promoted by Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) and coordinated by Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry.

Partners are from:
1) Estonia – Tallinn City Enterprise Board (TCEB);
2) Hungary – Budapest University of Technology and Economics;
3) Italy – IAL Piemonte, Training Institute for Workers of Piemonte;
4) Latvia – Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia;
5) Portugal – Alfamicro Lda;
6) Sweden – KTH, Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology.

At Riga meeting first day project manager Dr Jyri Riives gave overview of results for INNOMET I and goals for INNOMET II.

The second day included discussion of first activities lead by KTH, as well as introduction of INNOMET test version. Also aspects of new partnership relations with Latvia and Portugal were at issue.  T

TCEB representative Mr Jaanus Vahesalu lead scheduling of project media plans. 

Brainstorm targeted to creation of Innomet  strategy for 2005-2010 was held together, taking into consideration specialities of each partner country.

Planned duration of the project is 18 months from 01st of October of 2005 to 31st of March of 2007. Budget size is 370 707 Euros (277 780 Euros requested from Leonardo da Vinci II Programme and 92 927 Euros comes from co-funding).