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Benefit for entrepreneurs

Benefit for education

Professional qualification




Professional Qualification System






Professional Qualification System:

Objectives - labour is competitive

Prerequisites -

  • Qualification must be measurable
  • Integrated and comparable measuring system in both Estonia and on the international level
  • Motivation for lifetime studies
  • Flexible primary training, further training and retraining system
Stages of system establishment -
  • Determining the requirements for contemporary professional skills and their levels; developing professional standards;
  • Bringing vocational training into accordance with the requirements for professional skills;
  • Determining the criteria, procedures as well as terms and conditions for awarding professional qualifications; developing the system for attestation of professional qualifications.

How will this be beneficial to the …

  • Staff policy development
  • Training planning
  • Staff motivation
  • More efficient use of labour
  • Safety through professional certificate


  • Getting a clear overview of existing and missing skills
  • Getting a clear overview of the training options; planning the career and professional development
  • Safety through professional certificate
  • Remuneration based on the qualification (orientation to the future)


  • More optimum resource management in vocational training
  • More justified process management at the labour market
  • Evaluation and planning of human resources on the national level

Training provider?

  • Getting a clear overview of the necessity and contents of training

Requirements for establishing the system -

Professional council - co-operative body between confederations of employers/employees of the respective field of economy, professional and vocational associations and the authorised representatives of the ministry. The objective of the professional council is registering the viewpoints and suggestions of different institutions, and achieving a consensus upon working out, implementing and developing the systems for employee qualification and award of professional qualifications.
The professional council shall appoint experts in the field. These experts shall map (in work groups) the main vocations of the profession; develop the professional standard, grades of qualification as well as the scheme for awarding professional qualifications.

Professional standard - a document, which establishes the requirements on knowledge, skills, experience, values and personal characteristics necessary for the professional qualification.
Professional qualification means a level of competence required in the given profession. This level shall be acknowledged based on regulated requirements, or historically or internationally developed requirements.

Field of use of the professional standard:

  • Determining employee qualification requirements
  • Preparing curricula and training programs
  • Developing examination requirements; attestation and award of professional qualification
  • Giving basis for comparison with international documents verifying qualification
  • Establishing prerequisites for the increase of the competitiveness of the Estonian economy

Source: The Estonian Qualification Authority (trademark - Kutsekoda)