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Project team  (in alphabetical order)


Maris Balodis, expert in Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia from 2003. Currently studies at Riga Technical University, in Mechanical Engineering Faculty.





Dr Ferenc Boˇr, has recived Dr. Univ. in Mech. Eng. in Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). At INNOMET project Dr Boˇr was leading the system testing work package.  In addition of research work at Department of Manufacturing Engineering (BUTE) he is also active as expert on Technology Automation of Industry Ministry, member of sub-committee of Material Science and Technology  Hungarian Science Academy (MTA), Director of MAZE 2000 Co. (Manufacturing Automation & System Engineering).




Eileen Browne, after coming to Italy at the age of 20 began to teach English in private schools. Joined IAL in 1980 as an English teacher. Within the organisation  became specialised in working with students with disabilities. After various training courses now responsible for organising and coordinating all sorts of projects for disadvantaged groups in the Province of Alessandria. Nowadays disadvantaged groups have grown to include people with disabilities, ex-prisoners and drug addicts; immigrants; women, young students at risk of social exclusion; workers at risk of being left behind due to new technologies, so her work is always evolving. Eileen have also been involved in several FSE projects; Horizon; Youthstart; Adapt and Integra, as well as Leonardo.



Tullio Colombo,

Director of Ial Piemonte training agencies in Novara and Turin; since year 2000, project manager responsible of the International Department in Ial Piemonte.

Social researcher after Political Science degree, journalism experience.







Ingrid HindriksonIngrid Hindrikson, has received MSc from Tartu University and complemented course of International Project Management from Turku University in 1997. Ingrid is general coordinator of business development projects of TCEB, representing interests of Tallinn City. She is also organiser of European Entrepreneurship Day of Tallinn.





Professor, Dr eng. Torsten J. A. Kjellberg, has received a Master of Engineering and Doctor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.  Project unit leader for the Research Unit on Computer Systems in Production, at the Swedish Institute for Production Engineering Research, IVF and KTH 1977-94.  Dr Kjellberg have been project leader and Steering Committee member of many projects and also research programmes at KTH and IVF on Product Modelling, Process planning and modelling of also manufacturing systems. He headed the development of the GPM solid modeller 78-82. Which encompass the technology  of todays CAD/CAM system kernels.  Docent (associate professor) in Computer Systems for Design and Manufacturing at KTH, Stockholm 1986.   Head of the subject 1994 and professor 1996.




Markus Keerman, MSc in Computer Engineering, graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 1989. Markus is IT co-ordinator of the INNOMET project. He has over 15 years of experience in designing information systems and in running software development projects. Besides consultancy activities Markus Keerman is running his own IT company Alertix, known by trade mark 10MEN.






Mattias Larsson, MSc,  graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in 2002. In 2003 he started working as a PhD student at the Department for Production Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. During the last years he has been involved in the INNOMET project and has responsibility in working out system design. Besides doing research Mattias Larsson is also involved in education at KTH and standardization work at the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS).  






Kirke Maar, MSc, received Master degree from Institute of Political Studies (IEP - Institut d’Etudes Politiques - Sciences PO) of Toulouse, France, in 2000. Kirke is the former project manager of the INNOMET I (2003-2004) of the Leonardo da Vinci II programme and currently running the parallel INNOMET follow-up project in Estonia funded by European Social Fund. Kirke's main duty is to run small consulting and training company "InterAct Projektid & Koolitus" (www.interact.ee). In current Leonardo INNOMET II project Kirke is responsible to assist the team in developing INNOMET strategy for future funding and further development and assistance in financial and technical management of the project.




Alvaro Oliveira, received his degree in Electronic Engineering from Instituto Superior TÚcnico – Universidade TÚcnica de Lisboa (IST) in 1967, and his M.Sc. (1975) and Ph.D. (1979) in engineering from the University College London. During the last twelve years he became an entrepreneur, creating several companies dedicated to consultancy engineering and R&D. Alvaro is a Managing Director of Alfamicro. Alfamicro is specialised in SMEs consultancy, engineering, management of change and IT applications. He has co-ordinated or has been a partner in several European projects: ESPRIT, EURO-ISDN, ADAPT, etc.





Kadri Orula, received Bachelor`s Degree from University of Tartu, Faculty of Economics (major in Economic Policy, minor in International Management). Kadri is a technical coordinator of the INNOMET II of the Leondardo da Vinci II Programme. Currently assisting the parallel INNOMET follow-up project in Estonia.







Tauno Otto  received MSc from Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) in 2001 and PhD degree in 2006. Author and designer of several e-learning courses for university and industry. His interests include e-learning and e-industry. Tauno has participated in EML projects  MetNet and InnoClus as information specialist. Currently involved as TUT  Innomet II coordinator of ESF and LdV projects. 






Dr Jyri RiivesDr Jyri Riives, coordinator of the INNOMET II project and Chairman of Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry. Has received PhD from Moscow University of Machine Tools in 1980. He is also active as Chairman of Council of Eesti Talleks Ltd and  chairman and member of several professional bodies. Jyri Riives has experiences from management and participation in different international projects (Danish productivity project, INSTRUTEC, FINESTMETNET,  INNOCLUS). He is internationally well-known consultate about development of the quality management and environmental management systems, company effectiveness, competitiveness and restructuration, productivity in different companies of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland.





Jaanus VahesaluJaanus Vahesalu, BA, Bachelor`s degree in German philology (with minors in public administration and English), Master` degree started in business administration at Tartu University. Jaanus is project manager in Tallinn City Enterprise Board. His activities include both local and international projects targeted to entrepreneurs. He is the coordinator of mentoring programme organized for SME-s in Tallinn.