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Project overview



Extension of the INNOMET-EST Continuing Education and Human Resource Development System in Estonia
Funding source: measure 1.1Educational System Supporting the Flexibility and Employability of the Labour Force and Providing Opportunities of Lifelong Learning for All (ESF)
Project number: 1.0101.06-0396
Project duration: 01.01.2007-30.06.2008 (18 months)
The idea of the INNOMET cooperation model originates from the Leonardo da Vinci INNOMET project (2003-2004), during which the conceptual basics for the development of human resources were elaborated on an international basis and the INNOMET database prototype realized in the Internet environment. During the INNOMET II project, the cooperation model was implemented in practice in the Estonian metal engineering, machinery and apparatus sector (2005-2006).
The general objective of the project “Extension of the INNOMET-EST Continuing Education and Human Resource Development System in Estonia” is the development of human resourceand increasing of competitiveness through enhancing and developing the continuing education system, andelaboration of practical possibilities for lifelong learning in selected entrepreneurship sectors.

Main objectives:
·         Successful extension of the INNOMET cooperation model in 5 additional sectors by 2008 (construction, electronics, information technology, woodworking industry, motor vehicle service);
·         Based on the INNOMET cooperation model and information system, bringing the continuing education system for adults into correspondence with the requirements of companies through a detailed information movement and determining the roles division of parties.
The internet based information system INNOMET connects on a common basis the continuing education possibilities of schools as well as the labour force needs of companies in selected entrepreneurship sectors.  
Project target groups:
Educational institutions contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness and qualification of labour force by carrying out continuing training. 14 educational institutions (3 higher schools and 11 vocational school) participate
Companies whose competitiveness and increase of productivity is intended to be improved through the development of human resources. The companies are both users of continuing education offers of educational institutions and producers of the output of labour force need in the information system
The parties of the INNOMET cooperation model use the outputs of the INNOMET information system and are important contributors in achieving the objectives of the INNOMET cooperation model (partner municipalities – Tallinn Entrepreneurship Board, Tartu City Government, Kohtla-Järve City Government, Sillamäe City Government, Jõhvi Municipality Government and Toila Municipality Government ; Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Labour Market Board, National Examination and Qualification Centre, regional development centres, etc.).
Basic school and upper secondary school students through an information and image campaign organised by boards.
Project target regions:
  • Tallinn and Harjumaa
  • Southern Estonia (Tartumaa, Võrumaa)
  • Western and Central Estonia (Pärnumaa, Haapsalu, Türi)
  • Ida-Virumaa (Narva, Sillamäe, Kohtla-Järve, Jõhvi, Toila)
In order to achieve project objectives, the following activities will be carried out:  
·         Extension of the cooperation model and the INNOMET information system to 5 additional sectors,
·        including a comparative analysis of the professional fields and positions in sectors, developing vocational standards, test mapping of companies in merging sectors, competence based description of available continuing education in educational institutions, carrying out pilot trainings, developing joining principles with the information system and materials for companies
·         Entering the information from test mapping of companies and educational institutions into the information system, implementing the integrated INNOMET information system
·         Carrying out studies oriented towards companies and educational institutions, including analysis of human resource development and continuing education resources
·         Information work and image campaign oriented towards basic and upper secondary school students
·         Brochures of boards, company visits, information days, participation in fairs oriented to young people, and carrying out round tables for representatives of companies from the sectors.
Project total cost: 9,882,220 kroons
Project partners: Partners of the Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry are Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn Technical University Viru County College, Tallinn College of Engineering, Tallinn Kopli Vocational School, Tallinn Industrial Education Centre, Tallinn Lasnamäe Mechanics School, Narva Vocational Training Centre, Ida-Viru County Vocational Training Centre, Sillamäe Vocational School, Pärnu County Vocational Training Centre, Haapsalu Vocational Training Centre, Tartu Vocational Training Centre, Võru County Vocational Training Centre, Türi Technology and Rural Economy School, Tallinn Entrepreneurship Board, Tartu City Government Entrepreneurship Department, Kohtla-Järve City Government, Jõhvi Municipality Government, Toila Municipality Government, Sillamäe City Government, SA INNOMET, InterAct Projektid ja Koolitus OÜ


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